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Physiology for Dental Students 2nd Edition PDF

Physiology for Dental Students 2nd Edition PDF

Physiology for Dental Students 2nd Edition PDF
Author K. Sembulingam
File size 59 MB
Year 2010
Pages 680
Language English
File format PDF
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Book Description

This book focuses on essentials of physiology for dental students. Physiology is different from other biomedical sciences as it deals with the functional aspects of various systems in the living body along with the emphasis on the regulatory mechanism that maintain the normalcy of the functions within narrow limits. The primary aim of this book is to meet the needs of the dental, paramedical and health science students precisely in the examination point of view, in getting knowledge of recent developments in the field of physiology and in knowing the important applied aspects of various topics. This book covers general physiology, blood and body fluids, muscle physiology, digestive system, renal physiology and skin, endocrinology, reproductive system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and environmental physiology, nervous system and special senses. In the starting of each chapter, we have included the topics that are to be learnt in that particular chapter which will help the reader to remember the contents while revising the topic. The descriptive diagrams are given in such a way that the students can easily understand and reproduce them wherever necessary. The explanation of the topics is supported with the flowcharts and tables which makes the reading a pleasure and stress-free. This book is very useful for the students who have physiology as the subject in their career.

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