Clinical Laboratory Hematology 3rd Edition PDF

Clinical Laboratory Hematology 3rd Edition PDF

Clinical Laboratory Hematology 3rd Edition PDF


As with the first two editions, the third edition of Clinical Laboratory Hematology is designed to be a comprehensive resource that medical laboratory technician (MLT) and medical laboratory science (MLS) students can use in all their hematology courses. Laboratory practitioners will find the book a welcome resource to help them keep up with advances in the field. The book also is suited for use by students in other health care professions including pathology, medicine, physician assistant, and nursing. This edition is thoroughly updated to include the latest in advances in laboratory medicine. Each chapter has a similar format; the striking visual design makes it easy for readers to find information on each topic. Multiple supplemental learning tools for students and teaching resources for the instructor, including a website with resources available by chapter, are available. In summary, the book is not just a book but a package of learning tools.


We believe that students must have a thorough knowledge of normal hematopoiesis and cell processes to understand the pathophysiology of hematologic/hemostatic diseases, evaluate and correlate laboratory test results, and ensure the appropriate utilization of the laboratory in diagnosis and patient follow-up. Thus, this book is organized so that the first 10 chapters give the students a comprehensive base of knowledge about blood cell proliferation, maturation, and differentiation and the processes that control hematopoiesis. Section One (Chapters 1–2) includes an introduction to hematology and hematopoiesis, including cell morphology and the cell cycle and its regulation. This introduction includes a description of cellular processes at the molecular level, which could be new material for some students and a basic review for others. The reader might want to review these chapters before beginning a study of neoplastic disorders. Section Two (Chapters 3–10) includes chapters on normal hematopoiesis, including a description of the structure and function of hematopoietic tissue and organs, erythropoiesis, leukopoiesis, and hemoglobin. In this third edition, the chapter on leukocytes is divided into two separate chapters: granulocytes/monocytes (Chapter 7) and lymphocytes (Chapter 8). An introductory chapter on platelets (Chapter 9) was added to this section to complete the discussion of normal blood cells. Details of platelet function and physiology are found in Section Eight.

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