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  • Excellent work! Thank you so much – could you please get:
    Human Molecular Genetics 4th edition by Strachan and Read?

  • Hi, Before it was everything Nitroflare and impossible to get anything for free, now things are a bit better, there is also GooglrDrive, this one very friendly… Nitroflare is allowing to download more… I do not see it that different from the old RapidShare… I wish we could talk… I really appreciated the much you gave me… you were a blessing… I only got this much once before with 4shared… While at the university I did not have many books… so books are very important for me specially now that I am a bit older and sick… my favorites were Urology, and Dentistry. In Dentistry I noticed you do not have one very important, Atlas of the Diseases of the Kidney… it is a several volume set, and it is all on the web with the power point presentations for classes and everything and everything… I came from Engineering and use a lot this site on Facebook they have a very friendly way…. I asked the Admin to be my friend and now we talk sometimes, there is also an associated group, I think the free stuff is very important for all… Another example is

    Yours faithfully,
    Antonio Calhau

  • Hello dear Dr
    As I found this site very helpful for all Doctors and specially Medical students arround the world, I desire for some help from you in order to find this book as it is the best
    Ferri’s clinical advisor 2016
    With great thanks

  • Thanks a bunch for all the amazing downloads.

    If you happen to find Master the Boards Step 2 CK 3rd edition, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

  • Hello, I hope you are well and thank you very much for standing up to share free important books with the world… and I just want to request if possible for you to upload for me the following books…

    1. Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care In The Streets (2 Volume set) (Orange Book, 40th Anniversary)
    2. Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care In The Streets, Student Workbook
    3. Intermediate: Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured
    4. Emergency Care 13th Edition


  • This is a fantastic website for med professionals. I have got access to some fantastic material.

    Thank you very much Dr.Bdeir


  • good day. i purchased emergency text book just the facts by tintillai about 7 hours ago and have not received it yet. please advise. reference 3HJ55846B2077805F

  • Can you add the following books:
    A core Review series:
    Gastrointestinal imaging
    Nuclear Medicine
    Cardiac Imaging
    Thoracic Imaging


  • Would it be possible for you to upload the Advanced EMT book?
    Any book regarding the Advanced EMT (AAOS, Mosby, etc)
    would be great.


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