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Basic Otorhinolaryngology – A Step By Step Learning Guide

Basic Otorhinolaryngology – A Step By Step Learning Guide PDF

Basic Otorhinolaryngology – A Step By Step Learning Guide PDF

Who is the book written fort This book is both a textbook and a reference work It is intended primarily for stu-dents, but is alsowritten for physicians, especially those taking part in further training. True learning means understanding, and so teaching means explaining. An essential part of learning is under-standing basic concepts and potentially complex inter-relationships. Learning should also be interesting, and it should convey enjoyment of the material and its fasci-nating aspects. In this sense, this book aspires to be more than an exam review.
The capabilities of digital production technology have been used with the goal of creating an educationally compelling, graphically attractive, yet affordable text-book.
Structure: One of the main goals was to present the ma-terial in an easy-to-learn, user-friendly format The re-sult is a new kind of textbook in which the material is broken down into brief study units ( ), which represent a cohesive learning unit. Subdividing the contents into manageable portions makes it possible to present the-matic highlights that are usually not found in textbooks and would have been more difficult to incorporate into chapters with a traditional structure. Each study unit begins with a starter in boldface type. This states the topics that are covered in the unit and the way in which they fit into the overall scheme. Spe-cial points are noted, and the material is related to other study units. The starter is not a summary. The topics in each study unit are presented on facing pages. For clarity, “open-book” logos are shown at the bottom corner of the right-hand page: the number of logos (from one to six) indicates the number of facing-page sets that are contained in the current study unit. The red-colored logo shows where you are in the unit.


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