Anatomy of Bicuspid PDF

Anatomy of Bicuspid

General Features of Premolars/Bicuspid

They are transitional teeth located between the canine and molar teeth.
By definition: bicuspid teeth are permanent teeth distal to the canines, successors to deciduous molars.
There are two premolars per quadrant and are identified as first and second premolars.

They have at least two cusps.
– one large buccal cusp,
– Smaller lingual cusp
The lower second premolar may- sometimes- have two lingual cusps.

For easy teeth description

Follow the following points :
Function: (grinding).
Chronology: important developmental dates
Number of lobes: (four lobes: 3 buccally and 1 lingually or five lobes 3 buccally and 2 lingually).

Description of the different aspects:
Geometric shape of the crown.
Outlines of the crown and root.
Surface anatomy of the crown and root.

Pulp cavity.



  • Enamel organ appearance: 7 mIU.
  • Beginning of calcification: 1½-1¾ y
  • Crown completed:…….…….5 – 6 y
  • Eruption…………………………….10 – 11 y
  • Root completed :…………….12 – 13 y

Number of lobes: four lobes :

  • 3 buccally
  • 1 lingually

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Maxillary 1st Premolar

Anatomy of Bicuspid
Anatomy of Bicuspid

Maxillary 2nd Premolar

Anatomy of Bicuspid
Anatomy of Bicuspid

Mandibular 1st Premolar

Anatomy of Bicuspid

Mandibular 2nd Premolar

Anatomy of Bicuspid

Dental Anatomy Lecture Note on Premolars

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