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Basic Guide to Dental Sedation Nursing

Basic Guide to Dental Sedation Nursing PDF

Basic Guide to Dental Sedation Nursing PDF


Sedation is a procedure that makes use of sedative medications toproduce a relaxed experience for the patient. The central nervoussystem (CNS) is affected through the use of drugs, includingtranquilizers and anxiolytics, that can be administered to thepatient in several ways. Sedation dentistry has several benefits,both for dentists and patients.

For patients, it can mean freedom from anxiety or fear duringdental procedures. In cases where a patient has not been able toundergo dental treatment for many years because of this fear,sedation dentistry allows him to have several years’ worth ofdental treatment in just a few sessions.

For dentists, sedation dentistry facilitates the easyperformance of dental procedures. Patients are likely to be morecooperative under the relaxing effects of sedation. Treatments canalso be quicker, because a number of procedures can be performed ina single session. Dental nurses play a vital role in assisting thedentist in the routine sedation of patients. In acknowledgement ofthis, the NEBDN run a post-qualification certificate in DentalSedation Nursing that provides the dental nurse with thetheoretical knowledge and practical skills required to carry outtheir role safely and competently.

The ‘Basic Guide to Dental Sedation Nursing’ is a musthave book for all dental nurses seeking to develop their knowledgeand understanding of this core area of clinical practice. Writtenin a clear and accessible style, chapters reflect the Certificatein Dental Sedation Nursing syllabus with chapters on such keytopics as legal aspects, anatomy, equipment, patient assessment,types of sedation, medical emergencies and resuscitation.

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