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BRS Pathology 5th edition

BRS Pathology 5th edition PDF

BRS Pathology 5th edition PDF

As in prior editions, we have updated the format and, we hope, the utility of this work by substituting and adding even more color illustrations. In the selection of images, we have held to the principle that the medical school pathology course should be aimed at building an understanding of the processes of disease and that identification of images is not an objective unto itself, but rather an important tool to illustrate mechanisms. While attempting to keep this fifth edition as short as possible, we have added what we consider to be significant material needed for updating. As before, the endof- chapter study questions and the comprehensive examination at the end of the book are entirely cast in vignette format. This should be helpful for students preparing for similar examinations administered by national accrediting groups.
First, as indicated by the series title, Board Review Series, one of the prime purposes of the book is to serve as a source of review material for questions encountered on the USMLE and similar qualifying examinations.
A certain part of such preparation consists of recognition of “key associations” that serve as the basis for many such examination questions. Accordingly, in this edition, we have again indicated such associations throughout the text with a symbol resembling a key. Even though we are strongly committed to the view that pathology is a conceptual field consisting of much more than “buzz words,” we also believe that recognition of such material is part of learning and that it helps students gain confidence in dealing with voluminous material, such as the content of standard pathology courses. The graphic designator used here should serve to identify these “high-yield” items and should be useful to the student in final preparation for board-type examinations.

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