Oral Pathology

Mandibular tori

Mandibular tori

Definition and etiology

Mandibular tori is a developmental malformation of unknown etiology.

Clinical features

It presents as an asymptomatic bony swelling, covered by normal mucosa. The lesion displays slow growth during the second and third decades of life. Characteristically, the lesions appear bilaterally on the lingual surface of the mandible, usually in the area adjacent to the bicuspids. The diagnosis is based on clinical criteria.


Unnecessary unless full denture construction is required.

Mandibular Torus Surgery
If mandibular torus remains chronically painful, schedule removal surgery with your orthodontist. Surgery involves sedation with local or general anesthesia gas, bone exposure, and the use of a grinder to smooth down the gum line. Mandibular torus generally does not grow back, and the surgery is affordable, costing under $2,000 in most areas.

Mandibular tori