NMS Surgery 5th edition

NMS Surgery 5th edition PDF

NMS Surgery 5th edition PDF

This is the fifth edition of NMS Surgery. Surgery is changing, and we are addressing these changes with this edition. All chapters have been updated. We have given special attention to the first chapter, Principles of Surgical Physiology, and have attempted to clarify this difficult topic. There is also the addition of an online comprehensive examination consisting of new questions and answers and explanations. In keeping with the original purpose of the National Medical Series for Independent Study, this book continues to present the core material of the specialty of surgery. The text is not meant to be allinclusive and does not contain minutiae that we felt would be of little use to the reader. The authors have included not only didactic material but also facts that they find useful in clinical practice. Where controversy exists, we have attempted to present all sides fairly and to indicate factors that are essential in the decision-making process.
We have also tried to stress situations in which surgeons and all others involved in patient care must work closely to make the most appropriate decisions regarding treatment. The study questions and answers and explanations have been carefully updated and provided in both print and electronic format to be used in preparation for the United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 2. The fifth edition of NMS Surgery is written primarily for students and residents in general surgery, but practicing surgeons as well as physicians in other specialties will no doubt find it a useful reference. We hope that all readers will find that the book represents a declaration of the state of surgical art in the year 2007.

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