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ABC of Asthma 6th Edition

ABC of Asthma 6th Edition PDF

ABC of Asthma 6th Edition PDF
Breakthrough scientific information uncovers the real cause of asthma, allergies and lupus. It reveals the way to treat these conditions naturally, simply and at no cost — initial steps towards asthma eradication.
— Astonishingly simple guidebook for the nation’s 17 million asthmatics — 14 million of them innocent children and the 50 million who suffer from allergies.
— Why Asthma, Allergies and Lupus are actually your body’s way of alerting you to an urgent need for water… and how to recognize your body’s true thirst signals.
— In-Depth Answers to your most frequently-asked questions about asthma and allergies.
— Breakthrough Information on the many constructive roles of salt and cholesterol in the body.