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ABC Of Nutrition 4th Edition

ABC Of Nutrition 4th Edition PDF

ABC Of Nutrition 4th Edition PDF
“The ABCs of Nutrition: Learning the Alphabet the Healthy Way” is a fun and colorful book that uses fruits and veggies to teach the alphabet. What makes it truly unique is that each letter is accompanied by a VEDGE’ Kid. The fun and colorful VEDGE’ Kids are anthropomorphic (part veggie/part human) and are portrayed in some type of activity on each page as they introduce each letter. So kids are captivated as they: *Learn the Alphabet through visual, auditory and physical/kinesthetic sensory input *Associate common and exotic fruits and veggies with letters and words *Get excited about fruits and veggies and thereby want to eat them *Are encouraged to engage in physical activity, like yoga, as shown by the VEDGE’ Kid poses. For kids aged 2 to 5.