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ABC Of Obesity

ABC Of Obesity PDF

ABC Of Obesity PDF


The answer to why you are fat and why losing weight does not work.

ABC Of Obesity: Eat Wise, Cut Back On Size

USA, this is why you are fat!
Size is everything!

Ever asked this question: “Why am I fat?”
This book will tell you why.

– A shocking overview of American foods, nutrition data, portion sizes and eating patterns, with a twist of humor.
– “The ABC of Obesity” lists, from A to Z, nutritional data and facts for high-caloric, fat, and or sugary foods and drinks, common in the daily American diet.
– Extensive research on nutritional data, where possible from the manufacturers’ website.
– Warning for foods that contain more than the recommended daily intake per serving.
– Awareness building of the nutritional values of foods in the USA.

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