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ABC of Transfusion 4th Edition

ABC of Transfusion 4th Edition PDF

ABC of Transfusion 4th Edition PDF
Blood services and Transfusion Medicine have become more clinical,scientific, well organised and consolidated over the last 20 years.More is known about the frequency and aetiology of the hazards ofblood transfusions. The ABC of Transfusion is a wellestablished introduction for all staff working in blood services,blood transfusion departments, surgical units and intensive care,and all prescribers and users of blood. It is a comprehensive,highly regarded guide to all the practical aspects of bloodtransfusion, including the various complications that canarise.This fourth edition of ABC of Transfusion includes fivenew chapters on all the latest issues including pre-transfusiontesting, vCJD, stem cell transplantation, immunotherapy, andappropriate use of blood – reflecting the fact that transfusionmedicine has been revolutionised.

Useful as a practical guide, a refresher or for quick reference,it covers all essential transfusion matters and is an ideal sourceof information for all health professionals involved with safe andefficient use of blood.