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Atlas of Clinical Andrology

Atlas of Clinical Andrology PDF

Atlas of Clinical Andrology PDF


This book presents a comprehensive study of scrotal ultrasound, helping readers cope with the growing number of pathology pictures revealed by accurate ultrasound examinations, and highlighting the novel applications of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography and elastography.

This unique reference guide to scrotal ultrasonography draws on the accumulated expertise of the Experimental Medicine Department at “Sapienza” University, where the andrological ultrasonography unit has performed over 10,000 testicular ultrasound examinations for various conditions and explored experimental new imaging techniques. This core experience has been enriched by insightful contributions from several international experts to form one of the most comprehensive collections of ultrasound images, many in full color, of scrotal pathology in the world.

The book’s emphasis on functional interpretation of the images, supplemented by clinical data, make it a unique tool for clinical management. This approach is intended to increasingly familiarize clinicians with the potentials of ultrasonography, from the basics to the most advanced approaches, so as to encourage them to incorporate this examination as a central component of the diagnostic pathway

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