BRS Cell Biology and Histology 7th Edition

BRS Cell Biology and Histology 7th Edition PDF

BRS Cell Biology and Histology 7th Edition PDF

We were very pleased with the reception of the sixth edition of this book, as well as with the many favorable comments we received from students who used it in preparation for the USMLE Step l or as an outline and study guide for their histology and/or cell biology courses in professional schools or undergraduate colleges. Many of the chapters have been extensively revised and updated to incorporate current information, and we have attempted to refine the content of the text to present material emphasized on National Board Examinations as succinctly as possible while still retaining the emphasis on the relationship between cell structure and function through the vehicle of cell and molecular biology. A tremendous amount of material has been compressed into a concise but highly comprehensive presentation, using some new and revised illustrations. The relevancy of cell biology and histology to clinical practice is illustrated by the presence of clinical considerations within each chapter as appropriate.
The greatest changes that occurred in the evolution of this book from its previous edition are that we have added many more clinical considerations and compressed information into tabular form. We believe that these changes make this board review book more interesting and pertinent and the presentation of material in tables conserves time in the review process for medical students in their preparation for the USMLE Step l. We are sad to announce that Judy Strum, our coauthor throughout the first six editions of this review book, decided to complete her retirement from the faculty of the University of Maryland School of Medicine thereby withdrawing her participation in the preparation of the current edition of this textbook.

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