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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pathology

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pathology PDF

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pathology PDF
This first edition of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pathology was written with the aim of producing a pocket-sized book which concisely conveys the key pathology relevant to clinical practice. The handbook covers both general and systems-based pathology with each topic occupying either a single- or double-page spread. A uniform sequence of headings is followed for each topic to allow easy access to the facts. Although aimed primarily at medical students, this handbook should also be useful for postgraduate doctors working in specialties with close links to pathology. I hope you fi nd this handbook helpful and easy to learn from.
Feedback on errors and omissions would be much appreciated. Please post your comments via the OUP website ( Although written by a single author, this book would not have been possible without the help and support of many other people. First and foremost, I thank Richard Daly, co-author on my previous publication, for his incredible professionalism and grace during diffi cult times. Secondly, I thank all my consultant colleagues at St Mary’s Hospital for creating an environment in which projects like this are encouraged and supported. Finally, thank you to all the wonderful staff at OUP: Elizabeth Reeve, Anna Winstanley, Michael Hawkes, and Eloise Moir–Ford.