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Textbook of Orthopedics 4th Edition

Textbook of Orthopedics 4th Edition PDF

Textbook of Orthopedics 4th Edition PDF
When the textbook of orthopedics was released for the first time in 1996, I never in my wildest dream ever fathomed that the book will reach this far. Year after year, edition after edition, it has grown from strength to strength and today I am extremely pleased to place the fourth edition in your hands. The entire credit of making this book a runaway success belongs to the undergraduate and postgraduate students, and teachers. The book has gone global and occupies a proud possession in prestigious NHS Trust libraries across UK and has an Italian Edition too. Indian medical authors penetrating the impregnable western market and carving a niche for themselves is a rare spectacle. The hitherto unthinkable in the not so distant past is a reality now. What makes this book so successful when most of the books released stay in the racks and sink without a trace or rarely go beyond the first edition? I feel more than the support, patronage and encouragement from all concerned, it is the love of the students and teachers that has brought the book this far.
Yes I re-iterate it is the overwhelming love that is the secret of the longevity of this book. My book has received tremendous love from all quarters. Medical books are known to survive because of their scientific content presented well. But in my case I feel it is the unconditional love that has made it stand the test of time. Be it undergraduate students, teachers, postgraduate students, orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapy students, it is a hit with all. During conferences, workshops, CME’s, teaching courses, seminars, personal and private meetings when I meet medical students and teachers, they all tell how much they love my book. One lady medical student from Gulbarga has written to me saying that she has totally fallen in love lock, stock and barrel with my book. Another postgraduate student said that my book has shaped his life more than his career. This I consider a very high praise and an ultimate complement.