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API Textbook of Medicine 9th Edition

API Textbook of Medicine 9th Edition PDF

API Textbook of Medicine 9th Edition PDF
Over four decades ago, a new compendium of medicine was published under the aegis of Association of Physicians of India. This was due to the vision and hard work of the stalwarts at that time. The first edition of the book was edited by an internationally famed physician Dr Rustam Jal Vakil. The book was well accepted all over the country. Enthused by the response of Indian physicians, eight more editions of the book have been published. Each new edition was an attempt to improve and incorporate the changing profile of medicine. In the last decade, the progress has far outstripped the progress made in the previous decades. It is in this milieu of continuous change that I have the pleasure of presenting to you the 9th edition of the popular, API Textbook of Medicine. The book is completely revised, updated and better illustrated. There are around 2200 pages with nearly 1588 figures and 1384 tables. There has been a marked 20% increase in the number of figures and nearly 100 new tables have been added than the last edition. This has been done so that the information is easily understood and the reading is not a strain. The book has been divided into 28 sections and each section deals with a special set of medical disorders. An entirely new section has been added, ‘Clinical Approach to Key Manifestations’. This section deals with the common symptoms and signs with regard to how to scientifically and systematically analyse the problem to arrive at a definitive diagnosis in a timely and cost-effective manner. New authors have been requested to contribute new chapters so that the book is entirely re-written in most of the parts and some of the chapters have been exhaustively revised by the previous authors. A few chapters and figures have been reproduced from the 8th edition.
I, on my own behalf and on behalf of the Editorial Board of the 9th edition, express our thanks to the erstwhile Editor-in-Chief, Dr Siddharth N Shah of the 8th Edition for having given us this permission. The explosion of knowledge in medicine is phenomenal and fast so it outpaces the printed textbook of medicine. Therefore the 9th edition endeavours to reflect on some of these changes occurring in medicine during the preceding few years. A number of new chapters have been added like Non Invasive Ventilation under Critical Care. Pharmacotherapy of Cardiovascular Diseases has been added in the section of Cardiology. In the Section of Gastrointestinal Disorders, a new chapter on the Gastrointestinal Symptoms due to Systemic Diseases has been added. The Neurology section has been enriched by adding a chapter on Neuroimaging and separate chapters have been written covering Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders. In the field of Rheumatology, Emergencies have been discussed as a separate chapter altogether which reflects the new way of thinking of treatment and diagnosis of various rheumatic emergencies. The section of Medical Genetics has been thoroughly revised and updated. Genetics is better understood and human genome has been completely delineated. This has tremendous potential for change in the way we practice medicine. Vascular Injury to Kidney and Chronic Dialysis under the section of Nephrology have been discussed in separate chapters because of the better understanding and growing importance of various facets of kidney disorders and diagnosis. An entirely new chapter on Nano Technology and Nano Medicine has been added which is going to be a new paradigm in the field of Clinical Pharmacology. The other sections have been duly revised and updated so that they provide contemporary information and clinical thinking