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Behavioral Dentistry PDF

Behavioral Dentistry PDF


Behavioral Dentistry, Second Edition, surveys the vastand absorbing topic of the role of behavioral science in the studyand clinical practice of dentistry. An understanding of socialsciences has long been a central part of dental education, andessential for developing a clinician’s appreciation of humanbehavior as it affects efficient dental treatment. This bookgathers together contributions from leading experts in each of themajor subspecialties of behavioral dentistry. Its aim is not merelyto provide the student and clinician with a comprehensive review ofthe impressive literature or discussion of the theoreticalbackground to the subject, but also with a practical guide toadapting the latest techniques and protocols and applying them today-to-day clinical practice.

This second edition of Behavioral Dentistry discussesbiobehavioral processes, including the psychobiology ofinflammation and pain, oral health and quality of life, salivahealth, and hypnosis in dentistry. The book goes on to examineanxiety, fear, and dental and chronic orofacial pain, and thenreviews techniques for designing and managing behavior change. Itconcludes with a section on professional practice, including careof special needs, geriatric, and diabetic patients, andinterpersonal communication in dental education.

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