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ECGs for Beginners PDF Free Download

ECGs for Beginners PDF Free Download

ECGs for Beginners PDF Free Download


For Beginners! – How To Easily Learn EKG Interpretation, Cardiac Dysrhythmias And Arrhythmias!

EKG/ECG simply known as Electro-Cardiogram is a pictorial representation of the electrical conduction of the heart. It is a structure that allows the user or reader to examine changes on the heart structure, for the purpose of identifying a myriad of cardiac disease processes. Having knowledge of how the ECG/EKG works is important, whether you are a patient or a medical practitioner. This book has provided detailed information on the two ways of learning ECG/EKG interpretation; these are; understanding of the electrical vectors recorded by an ECG facility, or interpretation through pattern recognition, which is more common than the other method. It is even much better to learn the use of ECG in both ways. If the ECG/EKG instrument is read and interpreted properly, it can be used to detect Cardiac problems and other related issues very early. Many users simply get scared of the big words of this device and probably think it is a complicated thing to do, but with this book-guide, you will soon discover how easy it can be to learn the EKG interpretation, and diagnose Cardiac disorders as early as possible.

This book has been designed for beginners who want to understand the way EKG/ECG works , and the things you will learn here include;

  • How to read and determine the Rhythm and Rate source of Cardiac Dysrhythmias and Arrhythmias developments,
  • Computing the axis and pre-cordial leads in ECG,
  • Hypertrophy readings and interpretations, and
  • Using the ECG/EKG to examine Tachycardia, Ventricular Fibrillation, and Hyperkalemia,
  • And much more !