Essentials of General Surgery 5th Edition

Essentials of General Surgery 5th Edition PDF

Essentials of General Surgery 5th Edition PDF

“What do all medical students need to know about surgery to be effective clinicians in their chosen fi elds?” The primary responsibility of medical schools is to educate medical students to become competent clinicians. Because most physicians practice medicine in a nonacademic setting, clinical training is paramount. The 3rd year of medical school, which focuses on basic clinical training, is the foundation for most physicians’ clinical training. These realities do not diminish the other critical functions of medical school, including basic science education for MD and PhD candidates, basic and clinical research, and the education of residents and practicing physicians. However, the central role of providing clinical education for medical students cannot be overemphasized. The education of students, residents, and practicing surgeons should be a continuum, although it may seem fragmented at times to students. Because of the length of time needed to completely train surgeons, surgical residents remain “students” for 3 to 9 years beyond medical school. As a result of this extensive training period, most medical schools have large numbers of surgical residents, and resident training makes up the bulk of their educational efforts. Student education is part of the continuum that starts in the 1st or 2nd year of medical school, continues through residency, and never ends, because continuing education and lifelong learning are essential for all physicians.
This textbook and its companion volume, Essentials of Surgical Specialties, were produced to start that continuum of education for medical students, and to focus on medical students who are not planning a surgical career. We believe that all physicians need to have a fundamental understanding of the options provided by surgery to be competent, so the book asks the question, “What do all medical students need to know about surgery to be effective clinicians in their chosen fi eld?” Rather than using traditional textbook-writing techniques to address this question, members of the Association for Surgical Education (ASE), an organization of surgeons dedicated to undergraduate surgical education, have conducted extensive research to defi ne the content and skills needed for an optimal medical education program in surgery. Somewhat surprisingly, there has been consensus among practicing surgeons, internists, and even psychiatrists about the knowledge and skills in surgery needed by all physicians. The information from this research has become the basis for this textbook. The research process also identifi ed technical skills, such as suturing skin, that should be mastered by all physicians and that are best taught by surgeons

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