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Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology 4th Edition

Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology 4th Edition PDF

Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology 4th Edition PDF
It is nearly 20 years since the Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology germinated as a basic textbook that residents and students of radiology would turn to fi rst as their introduction to our fascinating and expanding specialty. We are immensely grateful that so many Radiology residents around the world have found our work to be useful, and, for many, as the foundation of their study of diagnostic radiology. Their enthusiasm and their use of our text as we conceived it have motivated us to produce the best updated edition that we can offer. Our text is now available not only in its hefty hardback edition but also in the popular four-volume soft cover edition. The addition of full color throughout has transformed the fourth edition immensely improving the impact of our many illustrations and providing a pleasing chapter design. We have retained the use of Bold Italic to highlight the topic of each paragraph or section in order to make the text useful for study and outline as well as to serve as a ready reference. Now through the fourth edition of our text and spanning the decades of their highly successful careers, nearly all of our original authors from the fi rst edition have returned to provide the evolution and update of their chapters. We are immensely proud that Jeff Klein has returned to guide the rewriting of the entire Chest section.
Those who know Jeff or read his work know of his immense talent as a chest radiologist and his intense dedication to teaching so apparent in his writing. DK Shelton once again guides the update of the Cardiac and Nuclear Radiology sections, many chapters with many authors knitted together by strength of his effort. Susan John once more provides an amazing summary of the fundamentals of pediatric radiology in two robust chapters packed with vital information. Karen Lindfors has yet again provided her succinct but inclusive summary of the changing and expanding topic of breast imaging. Erik Gaensler found and again recruited a talented group of many of the original neuroradiologists who did a superb job updating the Neuroradiology section with current images and the essentials of neuroradiology practice. We did our best to match the excellent work of our contributors with updates of the fundamentals of body imaging, ultrasound, and musculoskeletal radiology. We thank all our authors for their dedication to teaching and their superb contributions to our text. As the American Board of Radiology transitions away from its traditional ordeal of the oral examination in Louisville, we design this text to keep pace and to provide the fundamental framework of knowledge on which residents can become excellent clinical radiologists and diplomats of the American Board of Radiology.