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Hepatology Clinical Cases Uncovered

Hepatology Clinical Cases Uncovered PDF

Hepatology Clinical Cases Uncovered PDF


Hepatology is an important specialty with diseases andcomplications related to viral hepatitis and alcohol being the mainreason for seeking specialist advice. On most general medicalrotations and on most surgical wards there are patients withhepatological problems. Hepatology: Clinical Cases Uncoveredcontains clinical presentations with real-life patient cases andoutcomes as seen on the wards and in exams, and leads studentsthrough a practical approach to diagnosis and management ofhepatological disease.

Following a question and answer approach, includingself-assessment material and a ‘refresher’ section onthe basic science, Hepatology: Clinical Cases Uncoveredfeatures investigations and the treatment options available forpatients presenting with hepatological problems. Difficult conceptsare clarified and relevant links are made between pathology andclinical presentation.

Hepatology: Clinical Cases Uncovered is ideal for medicalstudents, junior doctors on the Foundation Programme, GP trainees,residents, specialist nurses and nurse practitioners. The book isalso an ideal refresher for hepatology or gastroenterology traineesat the beginning of their specialist training programme

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  • Hepatology Clinical Cases Uncovered PDF