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Oxford Handbook for the Foundation Programme 4th Edition

Oxford Handbook for the Foundation Programme 4th Edition PDF

Oxford Handbook for the Foundation Programme 4th Edition PDF
Since this book was fi rst written the training of doctors has altered dramatically. The Foundation Programme, Specialty Training and the rise and fall of MTAS have all aff ected the role, careers, and morale of junior doctors. This new edition emerges into a landscape of medical training, which is set to be restructured yet again, creating yet more uncertainty for those starting out. And yet, through all of this turbulence, the fact remains that the leap from being a fi nal year medical student to a junior doctor remains immense.
No matter what elements may be introduced to fi nal year curricula, or to Foundation Programme inductions, the psychological and professional gear-shift is a change that many feel unprepared for. Overnight the new doctor inherits huge responsibility, an incessantly active bleep, and an infl exible working rota. They also become a valued member of the medical team, someone who patients look to for help, someone with the capacity to off er the care that patients and their relatives need, and a new doctor with the potential and fl exibility to learn and shape a career in just about any area of medicine they wish to pursue. While nothing can make this transition easy we hope that this book can act as a guide. Based on feedback from foundation doctors we feel that this fourth edition builds on the strengths of previous editions whilst improving on their weaknesses. The clinical chapters have been completely updated to refl ect all the latest developments, the prescribing pages given an overhaul to keep them current, and the front of the book reworked to refl ect the challenges and environment facing the foundation doctor for 2014 and beyond.