Pocket Tutor Neurological Examination

Pocket Tutor Neurological Examination PDF

Pocket Tutor Neurological Examination PDF


Titles in thePocket Tutorseries give practical guidance on subjects that medical students and foundation doctors need help with ‘on the go’, at a highly-affordable price that puts them within reach of those rotating through modular courses or working on attachment.

Topics reflect information needs stemming from today’s integrated undergraduate and foundation courses:

  • Common presentations
  • Investigation options (e.g. ECG, imaging)
  • Clinical and patient-orientated skills (e.g. examinations, history-taking)

The highly-structured, bite-size content helps novices combat the ‘fear factor’ associated with day-to-day clinical training, and provides a detailed resource that students and junior doctors can carry in their pocket.

Key points

  • New edition of the indispensable guide to performing a neurological examination, regarded the most complicated and difficult physical examination to master
  • Brand-new photos clearly illustrate how to perform an examination in practice
  • Fully-updated text, improved examination sequences and new references to neurosurgery
  • Logical, sequential content: introductory chapters focus on general clinical skills, history-taking and examination. Then chapters which explain the examination of specific systems or regions. Finally, chapters on the examination of stroke and unconscious patients, neurological screening and how best to synthesise findings
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