Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery 10th Edition PDF Free Download

Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery 10th edition PDF Free Download

Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery 10th edition PDF Free Download
Each new edition of this book is approached by the editorial team with a dual vision keeping a dedicated eye affixed to the foundations of surgery while bringing into sharper focus on new and emerging elements. We are entering into a spectacular era of surgery in which the highest quality of care is merging with minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery, the use of supercomputers, and personalized genomic surgery, all designed to improve the outcomes and quality of life for our patients. With these advances in mind, several new chapters have been added and all previous chapters have been updated with an emphasis on evidence-based, state-of-the-art surgical care. While this tried-and-true method remains the basis for upholding and maintaining the superb efforts and achievements of Dr. Seymour Schwartz and previous coeditors and contributors, this edition expands its vision to see beyond the operating theater and takes a look at the making of a surgeon as a whole, with the addition of the chapter, Fundamental Principles of Leadership Training in Surgery. Surely excellence in craft must be mastered and equal importance must also be given to the nontechnical training of what it means to be a leader of a surgical team.
To this effort, the editors were keen to include as the first chapter in this edition a comprehensive review of leadership methods and ideologies as well as underscoring the importance of instituting a formal leadership-training program for residents that emphasizes mentoring. Our own paths as surgeons have been defined by the mentoring relationship and we have undoubtedly benefitted greatly from the efforts of our mentors; we sincerely hope that those with whom we have entered into this time-honored tradition have reaped the benefit as well.

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