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Surgical Recall 7th Edition

Surgical Recall 7th Edition PDF

Surgical Recall 7th Edition PDF
Surgical Recall began as a source of surgical facts during my Surgery Clerkship when I was a third-year medical student at the University of Virginia. My goal has been to provide concise information that every third-year surgical student should know in a “rapid re,” two-column format. e format of Surgical Recall is conducive to the recall of basic surgical facts because it relies on repetition and positive feedback. As one repeats the questionand- answer format, one gains success. We have dedicated our work to the living memory of Professor Leslie Rudolf. It is our hope that those who knew Dr. Rudolf will remember him and those who did not will ask. Surgical Recall represents the culmination of several years’ e ort by Lorne Blackbourne and his friends, who began the project when they were third-year medical students. Lorne, who completed his residency in General Surgery at the University of Virginia, has involved other surgical residents and medical students to provide annual updates and revisions. is book encompasses the essential information in general surgery and surgical specialties usually imparted to students in our surgical clerkship and reviewed and developed further in electives.
Developed from the learner’s standpoint, the text includes fundamental information such as a description of the diseases, signs, symptoms, essentials of pathophysiology, treatments, and possible outcomes. e unique format of this study guide uses the Socratic method by employing a list of questions or problems posed along the le side of the page with answers or responses on the right. In addition, the guide includes numerous practical tips for students and junior residents to facilitate comprehensive and e ective management of patients. is material is essential for students in the core course of surgery and for those taking senior electives.