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Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Just the Facts 3rd Edition

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Just the Facts 3rd Edition PDF

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Just the Facts 3rd Edition PDF


Emergency medicine is a speciality that refuses to sleep and rests only long enough to collect the necessary information to make the next critical move. Emergency Medicine: Just the Facts, 3rd edition, is written with the concept that succinct content facilitates the reader’s retention of essential information. We hope the reader will immediately see how much this edition has progressed from prior editions. There are now over 100 radiographs/color images, 93 line drawings/ECGs, and 300 tables designed to enhance your understanding of the material. This change reflects the development of its award-winning* parent textbook, Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide, 7th edition, as well as advances in diagnostic imaging. Many exams in emergency medicine include a pictorial stimulus section, and the additions to this textbook will greatly facilitate the reader’s ability to answer that type of question. Our goal is to provide the reader with a brief yet comprehensive review of the practice of emergency medicine for the clinician who wishes to update their knowledge of the speciality.
While the parent textbook should be regarded as the authority in the field, this book allows the reader to review developments in emergency medicine over several weeks’ time, a task that is nearly impossible when facing the 2120 page parent text. We have increased coverage of pediatrics with new chapters on hematologic-oncologic emergencies, and renal emergencies in children. Additionally we have new chapters on low probability coronary syndromes, urinary retention, food- and waterborne diseases, and world travelers as well as increased discussion of toxicology and trauma. Color photographs and diagnostic images are embedded in their respective chapters for instant recognition of challenging and life-threatening disorders.