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150 Practice ECGs 3rd Edition PDF

150 Practice ECGs 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

150 Practice ECGs 3rd Edition PDF Free Download


Your problem as a student of electrocardiography is that you may not get enough practice to become good at it. The best way to get experience is to read ECGs from the hospital’s daily accumulation, commit your interpretation to paper, then look over the shoulder of the experienced person who is reading those ECGs for the record. Unfortunately, most students and residents do not have that opportunity. Training programs are placing an ever-increasing clinical load on their faculties. One-on-one teaching experiences are hard to program. It is the rare institution that provides most of its students and residents headed for primary care practice with an adequate ECG reading experience. This book is intended as an ECG curriculum that emphasizes practice. My goal is to have you reading ECGs as quickly as possible. The introductory chapters are shorter than those found in the usual beginner’s manual, but there is plenty there to get you started. Where you want additional depth, refer to an encyclopedic text in the library.The practice ECGs include clinical data and questions that are designed to make teaching points. My brief discussion emphasizes daily issues in clinical medicine, as well as material that you may encounter on Board exams (Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Flex, and National Boards). Spend five evenings with these practice ECGs, and you will be far more comfortable than the average house officer with this basic part of the clinical examination. Credit for the high quality of ECG reproduction in this book goes to Gordon Grindy and his colleagues at Marquette Electronics, Inc. My partner, Wes Moses, proofread the text and ECG interpretations, and I am also grateful to Dr. Hans Traberg who made useful suggestions for the 3rd edition. I again acknowledge that Marilyn Taylor is a patient woman, and I appreciate her forbearance during this writing adventure.

150 Practice ECGs 3rd Edition PDF Free Download, 150 Practice ECGs 3rd Edition PDF Ebook Free