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ACLS 2013 Pocket Brain Book 5th Edition PDF

ACLS 2013 Pocket Brain Book 5th Edition PDF Free Download

ACLS 2013 Pocket Brain Book 5th Edition PDF Free Download


Treatment of cardiac arrest (and other acute cardiac arrhythmias) demands prompt attention to clinical protocols with emphasis on prioritizing care. Herein lies the “beauty” of ACLS-ePub: It facilitates understanding of KEY concepts in ACLS/Arrhythmia management and lightens the “memory load” — by providing ready recall of the most commonly used drugs and doses in emergency cardiac care. We have completely revised and updated this 5th Edition (2013) of our book. In addition to actively incorporating current ACLS Guidelines — We venture “Beyond-the-Textbook” with commentary on each of the major algorithms that contains practical management pearls and important clinical insights. This ePub version of our 5th Edition greatly expands on the content in our hard copy ACLS-2013- PB (Pocket Brain) book.Not limited by space constraints of the Pocket Brain – We have added the following clinical Sections to ACLS-2013-ePub: Therapeutic Hypothermia. Who to Cath Following Resuscitation (evaluation of the post-resuscitation ECG). Use of Echo During Cardiac Arrest Capnography Primer In addition – We have virtually written and incorporated an entire new book on Arrhythmia Diagnosis into this 2013 edition of ACLS-ePub. Features well over 200 illustrative figures and tracings (all in color for this ePub version). Clinical Rhythm Diagnosis begins with the basics and progresses through to intermediate and advanced material applicable for providers of any level of experience. New Arrhythmia Topics covered include Review of the Clinical Approach to Arrhythmias – QT interval calculation – Escape Beats and Rhythms – Recognizing Blocked PACs and Aberrant Conduction – Compensatory Pauses – Ashman Phenomenon – Rate-Related Bundle Branch Block – Diagnosis of Sick Sinus Syndrome – AV Dissociation – How to Read a Laddergram – and more than 50 pages on the intricacies of AV Block alone.

ACLS 2013 Pocket Brain Book 5th Edition PDF Free Download, ACLS 2013 Pocket Brain Book 5th Edition PDF Ebook Free