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Atlas of Alzheimer’s Disease

Atlas of Alzheimer’s Disease PDF

Atlas of Alzheimer’s Disease PDF


As the general population ages, the number of elderly patients with mild to severe cognitive impairments can be expected to increase. Improved recognition of the risks for future Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), improved characterization of the natural history of AD, and the increased understanding of the neuropathy of AD will lead to early diagnosis and to developing effective treatments.

An Atlas of Alzheimer’s Disease presents photographs, line drawings, charts, graphs, and text that identify heuristically useful stages of disease progression across behavioral, neuroimaging, and neuropathology research areas. The atlas closely examines the major pathological brain lesions in AD and provides an in-depth view of the neurofibrillary degeneration of AD and beta-amyloid deposits in the brain. It concisely covers current knowledge in the key areas of AD research, including clinical diagnostic features, and explores the clinical, anatomical, and pathological knowledge bases that have shaped our understanding of AD.

With its exceptional illustrations and contributions from leading research groups, An Atlas of Alzheimer’s Disease provides a deeper understanding of the disease and the importance of early diagnosis and management.

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  • Atlas of Alzheimer’s Disease PDF