Basic Sciences of Nuclear Medicine

Basic Sciences of Nuclear Medicine PDF

Basic Sciences of Nuclear Medicine PDF


Through concise, straightforward explanations and supporting graphics that bring abstract concepts to life, the new Basic Science of Nuclear Medicine-the Bare Bone Essentials is an ideal tool for nuclear medicine technologist students and nuclear cardiology fellows looking for an introduction to the fundamentals of the physics and technologies of modern day nuclear medicine. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. Atomic and Nuclear Structures Chapter 2. Radioactive Decay Mechanisms Chapter 3. Production of Radionuclides Chapter 4. Calculation of Radioactivity Chapter 5. Interaction of Radiation with Matter Chapter 6. Radiation Detection and Measurements Chapter 7. Principles of Gamma Cameras Chapter 8. Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography Chapter 9. Computed Tomography/SPECT/CT Chapter 10. Positron Emission Tomography Chapter 11. Positron Emission Tomography/Magnetic Resonance Imaging Chapter 12. Quality Assurance of Nuclear Medicine Instruments Chapter 13. Fundamentals of Counting Statistics Chapter 14. Radiation Safety and Regulations of Ionization Radiation Chapter 15. Dosimetry of Internally Deposited Radionuclides Chapter 16. Radiation Dosimetry and CT Dose Reduction Techniques

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  • Basic Sciences of Nuclear Medicine PDF

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