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Emergency Cross-sectional Radiology PDF

Emergency Cross-sectional Radiology PDF Free Download

Emergency Cross-sectional Radiology PDF Free Download


Cross-sectional imaging – namely ultrasound, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging – is playing an ever more important role in the management of the acutely ill patient. There is a growing demand for radiologists at all levels of training to interpret complex studies and, alongside this, an increasing expectation that physicians should be able to recognize the important features of cross-sectional anatomy and pathology in order to expedite patient management.Emergency Cross-Sectional Radiology aims to address both these expectations. Section 1 – ‘Fundamentals of cross-sectional imaging’ – aims to demystify cross-sectional imaging techniques for acute-care physicians who may be unfamiliar with the technical aspects of these modalities. Section 2 – ‘Pathology’ – describes a wide range of emergency conditions in an easy-to-read bullet-point format, with a large number of high-quality axial images used throughout. In addition, high-quality multiplanar reformats have also been included, where necessary, to illustrate and reinforce the findings, making this an invaluable rapid reference in everyday clinical practice. Recognizing the value of point-of-care ultrasound in the acute setting, a discussion of suitable applications and ultrasound findings has been included in the relevant chapters. We hope that this book will be an invaluable practical aide-memoire for emergencymedicine physicians, surgeons, and acute-care physicians as well as radiologists in everyday reporting and in the emergency on-call environment to aid decision making.Thank you to all the consultant radiologists in the Oxford Deanery, who have helped us throughout our training. Dr Matthew Burn, Consultant Stroke Physician, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, edited the final manuscript and provided invaluable advice from a stroke physician’s perspective. His contribution is greatly appreciated. Dr Richard Hughes, Consultant Radiologist, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, provided several key images. Sincere thanks to Luc Bouwman, CT Product Manager, Toshiba Medical Systems, Europe, for meticulously drawing all the superb images in Section 1: Fundamentals of cross-sectional imaging.

Emergency Cross-sectional Radiology PDF Free Download, Emergency Cross-sectional Radiology PDF Ebook Free