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Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine PDF Free Download

Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine PDF Free Download


Although the specialty of emergency medicine is only 40 years old, it has quickly matured into one of the most important arenas of practice in health care. In the United States, half of all hospital admissions and 11% of all outpatient health care encounters take place through emergency departments [1]. In Canada, which has placed a stronger emphasis on primary care, the percentages are smaller, but they are nonetheless substantial. Today, the term“ER” applies to more than a single room in the hospital, or even a popular television show. It is a comprehensive,multifaceted department that provides an astonishing array of advanced medical services, including rapid assessment and stabilization of patients with urgent or life-threatening conditions; medical direction of prehospital emergency medical services (EMS), cost-effective urgent care in specially designated “fast-track” areas, and detailed management of selected patients in emergency-department-based clinical decision units.Practicing emergency medicine has always been challenging: patients arrive at all hours of the day and night; the range of problems emergency physicians encounter is incredibly broad; and the consequences of error are high.Undaunted, the doctorswho established the specialty moved quickly to define its core competencies and teach them to a rapidly expanding circle of colleagues. They also worked diligently to secure recognition for their efforts in the House of Medicine. Almost as quickly, some of their number started figuring out how to make emergency care better. Forty years later, the tens of millions of patients who annually seek care in hospital emergency departments and the tens of thousands of emergency physicians who treat them owe a debt of gratitude to the specialty’s founders. Today, thousands of welltrained emergency physicians annually graduate from over 100 emergency medicine residency training programs in the United States and many more programs internationally.

Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine PDF Free Download, Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine PDF Ebook Free