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Food Oral Processing

Food Oral Processing PDF

Food Oral Processing PDF


This volume provides an overview of the latest research findings onthe physics, physiology, and psychology of food oral consumption,as well as the experimental techniques available for food oralstudies. Coverage includes the main physical and physiologicalfunctionalities of the mouth; the location and functionalities ofvarious oral receptors; the main sequences of eating and drinking,and the concomitant food disintegration and destabilisation.Chapters also explain oral processing and its relation to flavourrelease and texture perception, and there is an introduction to theprinciples of food rheology as they relate to eating.

Food Oral Processing is directed at food scientists andtechnologists in industry and academia, especially those involvedin sensory science and new product development. It will also be ofinterest to oral physiologists, oral biologists and dentists. Thebook will be a useful reference for undergraduate and postgraduatestudents of these disciplines.

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