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Implant Restorations 3rd Edition

Implant Restorations 3rd Edition PDF

Implant Restorations 3rd Edition PDF


Implant Restorations: A Step-by-Step Guide, ThirdEdition offers clinicians a practical, step-by-step approach totreatment planning and restoring dental implants. This highlyillustrated, case-based book demonstrates how to treat the mostcommonly encountered treatment scenarios, describing theprocedures, techniques, and sequences required in clear, conciselanguage and in an easy-to-use format. The book takes the theory ofimplant restoration, using as its basis 3i’s implant systems,and places it directly in the operatory, concentrating in detail oneach stage of the actual clinical procedures involved in treatingdifferent patients. It integrates implant treatment with therealities of running a successful restorative practice. Building onthe work of the 2nd edition, the 3rd edition of this successfultext reflects the advances of implant prosthetics over theintervening years, providing all new cases, exploring newtechniques and technology, and demonstrating updated systemcomponents and armamentarium.

Implant Restorations: A Step-by-Step Guide follows alogical structure of three sections. The first section introducesimplant restorative dentistry, how to develop an implantrestorative practice, the issues involved, the technical componentsof the 3i systems, diagnosis, and treatment planning. The centralsection of the book devotes separate chapters to in-depthdescriptions of each of several types of patients that therestorative dentist may encounter, ranging from basic to morechallenging cases. Every step of each procedure is described andillustrated with clinical photographs. Laboratory work orders arepresented for use with commercial dental laboratories. The finalsection discusses record-keeping, patient compliance, hygieneregimes and follow-up, and provides the reader with an outline ofbest-practice procedural protocols.

An excellent and accessible guide on the most burgeoning subjectin modern dental practice by one of its most experiencedclinicians, Implant Restorations: A Step-by-Step Guide, ThirdEdition will appeal to prosthodontists, general dentists,implant surgeons, dental students, dental laboratory techniciansand dental assistants.

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