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Mollison’s Blood Transfusion in Clinical Medicine 12th Edition

Mollison’s Blood Transfusion in Clinical Medicine 12th Edition PDF

Mollison’s Blood Transfusion in Clinical Medicine 12th Edition PDF
 Author Harvey G. Klein and David J. Anstee
File size 17 MB
Year 2014
Pages 944
Language English
Category Free Medical Books

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Book Description
Eight years have passed since the last edition of Mollison’s
textbook was published. It seems like yesterday. This is
the first edition to be revised without the considered
advice of Professor Patrick Mollison whose death in
November 2011 marked the end of an era. Pat was a
pioneer of blood transfusion, a valued mentor and friend,
and an encyclopaedic reference regarding the scientific
underpinnings of the therapeutic use of blood. In this
edition we have included his obituary as well as his
preface to the first edition of this textbook from 1951.
Mollison’s textbook has been an icon. Blood Transfusion
in Clinical Medicine arose from the concept of the transfusionist
as both scientist and expert consultant. In its
early years, this text provided the primary, and often the
sole, reference for detailed information and practical
experience in blood transfusion. A generation of scientists
and clinicians sought and found in its pages those
fine points of immunohaematology that helped them
manage their patients and satisfy their intellectual curiosity.
The 21st century has witnessed an explosion of scientific
knowledge and available information. The two are
not identical. We have noted previously the proliferation
of textbooks, handbooks, systematic reviews and specialty
journals. Increased access to the Internet has made
electronic media the source of choice for many practising
physicians. Yet the very availability of this vast and rising
tidal wave of information, much of it uncritically
reviewed, poses its own problems. The current authors
determined to distil from this mass of information the
relevant biology and technology for a timely, comprehensive
and clinically useful textbook – without altering the
spirit and character that has made Mollison’s textbook a
cherished companion.
Mollison’s textbook has documented the development
of transfusion practice and its scientific basis for more
than half a century. We have endeavoured to preserve the
historical context and have retained many of the early
references for those who are disposed to examine the
roots of the discipline. Whereas the early editions focused
mainly on the recognized red cell blood groups and their
clinical implications, we have, edition upon edition,
expanded the scope to include the other elements of
blood and an understanding of the clinical situations in
which they play a role. Whereas situating insights that are
beginning to flow from the sequencing of the human
genome alongside the ‘comparative precision of differential
agglutination’ may seem jarring at first, this text
strives to continue the tradition of integrating biology,
technology, clinical practice, and history that characterized
the original book and all subsequent editions.
Mollison’s text has traditionally been used as a source of
‘classic’ studies and information not available elsewhere,
and we have been careful to retain that information in
this edition…
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