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OSCEs for Medical Finals

OSCEs for Medical Finals PDF

OSCEs for Medical Finals PDF


OSCEs for Medical Finals has been written by doctors froma variety of specialties with extensive experience of medicaleducation and of organising and examining OSCEs.

The book and website package consists of the most common OSCEscenarios encountered in medical finals, together with checklists,similar to OSCE mark schemes, that cover all of the key learningpoints students need to succeed. Each topic checklist containscomprehensive exam-focussed advice on how to maximise performancetogether with a range of ‘insider’s tips’ on OSCE strategyand common OSCE pitfalls.

Designed to provide enough coverage for those students who wantto gain as many marks as possible in their OSCEs, and not just abook which will ensure students ‘scrape a pass’, the book isfully supported by a companion website at <ahref=””>,containing:

  • OSCE checklists from the book
  • A survey of doctors and students of which OSCEs have a highchance of appearing in finals in each UK medical school
  • OSCEs for Medical Finals PDF Free Download,
  • OSCEs for Medical Finals Free Ebook,
  • OSCEs for Medical Finals PDF