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Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine 3rd Edition

Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine 3rd Edition PDF

Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine 3rd Edition PDF
This Handbook of Respiratory Medicine has been written largely by specialist registrars, for specialist registrars. Three of the four authors, Stephen Chapman, Grace Robinson, and Sophie West, are specialist registrars on the Oxford rotation and John Stradling is Professor of Respiratory Medicine in Oxford. It is in a format that the authors would like to have had when they started their specialist registrar training. However, we hope that any health worker or student with an interest in respiratory medicine will find this text a rapid and useful reference source. The layout of the book tries to fulfil the requirement to be able to look up a topic quickly when the clinical need arises, but also to provide a bit more insight into the more difficult areas. Therefore, the chapters are of necessity different in style and reflect the authors’ own views on how to best approach and understand an area.
The handbook is divided into five sections: clinical presentations and approaches to symptoms and problems; the clinical conditions themselves; supportive information; procedures; and useful appendices (also on the inside covers), containing more technical and reference information. We hope you find it helpful. Feedback on errors and omissions would be much appreciated. Please post your comments via the OUP website: M June 2005 The second edition of this book has allowed us to make several improvements in response to readers’ suggestions. We have changed the order of chapters within each section to alphabetical and improved the index, to make the contents more rapidly accessible. We have added new content such as more detailed radiology, pandemic influenza, and pulmonary complications of sickle cell disease. In addition, we have updated and enhanced topics where there have been new guidelines and relevant publications. The overall aim of the book, to provide a rapid and comprehensive resource for all those involved in respiratory medicine, has remained paramount.