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Practical Handbook of Echocardiography

Practical Handbook of Echocardiography PDF

Practical Handbook of Echocardiography PDF


Practical Handbook of Echocardiography: 101 Case Studies

Echocardiography is now one of the most commonly used diagnosticimaging tools, yet many clinicians remain unaware of the range ofconditions echo can reveal or how echo can be used to help plantherapy. Moreover, it can be quite challenging even for the mostseasoned practitioners to spot unusual conditions.

Compiled by three echocardiographers with more than 100 years ofclinical experience between them, Practical Handbook ofEchocardiography uses a case-based approach to explain indetail the full spectrum of echocardiographic modalities and how tooptimize their use in the clinical setting. This practical newbook:

  • Covers the full gamut of echocardiographic modalities,including M-mode, 2-D,3-D and Doppler (PW, CW, color flow, tissueand strain), transesophageal (intra-operative and routine) andcontrast
  • Describes cases in both clinical and echocardiographic termsincluding very interesting cases and the new clinicaltechniques
  • Features beautifully reproduced, well-labeled, full colorechocardiograms
  • Includes accompanying DVD with real-time video clips

Appropriate for physician echocardiographers and allcardiologists, as well as echocardiographic technicians,Practical Handbook of Echocardiography is the ideal conciseguide to using echocardiography to make definitive diagnoses andimprove patient outcomes.

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  • Practical Handbook of Echocardiography PDF