Toothwear The ABC of the Worn Dentition

Toothwear The ABC of the Worn Dentition PDF

Toothwear The ABC of the Worn Dentition PDF


This is one of the first books to provide a clinically focussedaccount of the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of all forms oftoothwear. Bringing together the latest research, it is compiled byinternational leaders in the field to create an essential clinicalguide for dental practitioners. The book covers all forms oftoothwear and dental erosion, and is presented in a practicalformat that allows for ease of reference and helps assimilateclinical information quickly. It defines the stages of toothwear,provides schematic approaches to allow better understanding of thekey role that saliva plays, and highlights the differences betweenacid erosion and dental caries. Importantly for clinicians, itprovides a framework for developing best practice managementstrategies by discussing diagnostic skills, treatment planning andtherapeutic modalities.

An essential resource based on a solid research platform, thisbook will provide dental clinical professionals with the missinglinks they seek to diagnose, prevent, manage, restore andrehabilitate the worn dentition more confidently. It will be ofvalue to dentists, dental therapists, dental hygienists, andstudents in these areas.


• Covers all forms of toothwear and dental erosion acrossall age-groups
• Includes discussion of best practice managementstrategies
• Discusses aetiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment ina clinical context
• Contains many full colour clinical illustrations andschematic conceptualisations
• Brings together the latest clinical views and research witha wide range of international contributors

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  • Toothwear The ABC of the Worn Dentition PDF

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