The Business of Dentistry

The Business of Dentistry PDF

The Business of Dentistry PDF


“The best book I ever read on dental prosperity!”
Los Angeles Dentist, Dr. L. Chen.

Dentistry is a business and this book is the business side of dentistry. Whether you are just out of dental school, buying your first practice, or selling your dental practice and heading into retirement… this book will be beneficial.

Contains information you were never taught in dental school:
• Associate arrangement—What to expect on
your first job

• When and where to buy a practice

• How to value a dental practice

• Due diligence—What are you really buying?
Look deeper!

• Overhead Analysis—Poor overhead control
reduces your take home pay!

• Tax consequences of buy or selling a practice.
“Asset allocation” two words that can make or
break the deal.

• Practice brokers…the good, the bad and the

Plus…overhead analysis templates and retirement income planners.

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  • The Business of Dentistry PDF

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