Woelfel’s Dental Anatomy 8th Edition

Woelfel’s Dental Anatomy 8th Edition PDF

Woelfel’s Dental Anatomy 8th Edition PDF

Woelfels Dental Anatomy is primarily intended as a study guide for dental students, dental hygiene stu-dents, dental assistants, and dental laboratory techni-cians as they master the details of tooth morphology and their usefulness in the dental office. The book provides dental and dental hygiene students with basic knowledge required when answering dental anatomy questions on the national board examinations, but it goes well beyond by discussing the application of tooth morphology and terminology to the practice of dentistry. Chapters are included on periodontics, end°. dontics, restorative dentistry, and forensic dentistry. The book with its Power Point lecture slides and test items for teachers and its many teaming exercises was designed for instructors of dental anatomy courses as a teaching manual during lectures, discussion periods, and laboratory sessions, as well as during early clinical experiences. It is also useful as a reference in the dental office.
and endodontic procedures. Other chapters include a contemporary overview of ideal occlusion, operative and restorative dentistry, and forensic denustry. Finally, there is an extensive discussion about many commonly encountered dental anomalies as well as a chapter designed to help students draw, carve, and sketch teeth, Part Ili, Anatomical Structures of the Oral Cavity, includes two chapters. One chapter presents the relation-ship of the teeth to landmarks of the skull, the temporo-mandibular joints, and the muscles, nerves, blood supply, and lymph drainage associated with the oral cavity. The other chapter includes a description of normal oral struc-tures observed during a head and neck cancer screen-ing examination, and shows sites for injections for local anesthetic relative to the underlying nerve locations.

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