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Antibiotic Essentials 2015

Antibiotic Essentials 2015 PDF

Antibiotic Essentials 2015 PDF


I would like to thank the many contributors who graciously contributed their time and energy; and especially Mark Freed, MD, past President and Editor-in-Chief of Physicians’ Press, for his vision, commitment, and guidance. Burke A. Cunha, MD NOTICE The clinical recommendations set forth in this book are those of the authors and are offered as general guidelines, not specific instructions for individual patients. Clinical judgement should always guide the physician in the selection, dosing, and duration of antimicrobial therapy for individual patients. Not all recommendations in this book are approved indications by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and antimicrobial recommendations are not limited to indications in the package insert. The use of any drug should be preceded by careful review of the package insert, which provides indications and dosing approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
The information provided in this book is essential not exhaustive, and the reader is referred to other medical references and the manufacturer’s product literature for further information. Clinical use of the information provided and any consequences that may arise from its use is the responsibility of the prescribing physician. The authors, editors, and publisher do not warrant or guarantee the information herein contained and do not assume and expressly disclaim any liability for errors or omissions or any consequences that may occur from use of this information.