Childhood Headache 2nd Edition

Childhood Headache 2nd Edition PDF

Childhood Headache 2nd Edition PDF


Childhood Headache is a comprehensive source of knowledgeand guidance to practising clinicians looking after children withheadache which includes many clinical examples to illustrate thedifficulties in diagnosis or options for treatment. It is also aresource for researchers who are looking for a full analysis of thepublished studies.

Headache as a common problem which has a significant impact onchildren’s quality of life is fully illustrated in specialchapters. Assessment of the child with chronic headache takes acentral position, with two chapters to help early diagnosis of thechild with a serious neurological disorder. The scientific basis ofheadache and migraine is clearly presented and simplified in thechapter of pathophysiology. Headache classification and commonheadache disorders (migraine and tension-type headache) are fullydiscussed. Other uncommon but important headache disorders such aschronic daily headache are well-covered.

Several chapters are dedicated to the management of headachedisorders, emphasising available evidence-based recommendations,but where appropriate, the lack of available research into givenareas is discussed. Current and future therapies are coveredseparately. Non-pharmacological, psychological and dietarymanagement of headache are also presented in separatechapters.

Models of service provision for children with headache are givenfrom the primary care point of view and also describing the modelused in secondary care, giving practical advice on consistentclinical assessment, data collection and the use of diaries andchildren’s drawing in the assessment of headache.


“Childhood Headache” aims to provide practisingclinicians with a comprehensive source of advice and knowledge onthe diagnosis and management of childhood headache disorders. Itaddresses the needs of clinicians looking after children withheadache, whether it is in a primary care setting, a hospitalgeneral paediatric clinic or in a specialist paediatric neurologyservice. The book is written by world experts on the subject andprovides reliable and, where possible, a complete evidence-basedcoverage of current knowledge. Many clinical cases are toillustrate the complexity, the importance or the rarity of certainheadache disorders and bring to life the relevant models ofassessment and management.

“Childhood Headache” also addresses the needs ofresearchers and scientists. It highlights the results of recentresearch and also provides critical analysis of commonly acceptedclassification of headache disorders and pointers for futureresearch needs.

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