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Duke’s Anesthesia Secrets 5th Edition

Duke’s Anesthesia Secrets 5th Edition PDF

Duke’s Anesthesia Secrets 5th Edition PDF

In this fifth edition of Anesthesia Secrets, the goal continues to be concise presentation of a wide range of topics important to anyone interested in anesthesiology. My goal has always been not to merely offer a few words suitable for the sake of familiarity, but to provide appropriate depth to allow readers to integrate the concerns of this field into their wider knowledge of medicine in general. It is my hope for medical students that both rotating through the anesthesia clinical services elective and reviewing Anesthesia Secrets contributes to their decision to enter this esteemed profession.
I am humbled by the reception Anesthesia Secrets has received since the first edition was published in 1996. I take it as an affirmation that my contributors and I have a good idea of the important concepts in the field, as much as they can be described in a text of this size. I thank my contributors for this edition and all previous editions. Over the years my contributors have gone on to successful careers across the country, yet their imprint remains throughout. Although they may no longer be listed as authors, they nonetheless have my thanks. And to you, the reader, thank you for making Anesthesia Secrets a part of your educational program.

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