ENT Secrets 3rd Edition

ENT Secrets 3rd Edition PDF

ENT Secrets 3rd Edition PDF


ENT Secrets has been a learning tool used by medical students, residents, and health care providers since the first edition, published in 1996 by Bruce Jafek and Anne Stark. Dr. Jafek went on to edit two subsequent editions with the goal of sharing knowledge and insight in the field of otolaryngology. Our newest edition aims to provide updates on that knowledge as well as introduce new concepts and technologies in the ever-changing field of otolaryngology.
We were fortunate to be residents under Dr. Jafek, who loved teaching and training students of all types. We want to carry on that tradition with this latest edition of ENT Secrets. This has been possible with the support of the University of Colorado Otolaryngology Department faculty, alumni, and residents, and other contributors of this book. We sincerely thank them.

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