Essentials of Pathophysiology 4th Edition PDF

Essentials of Pathophysiology 4th Edition PDF Free Download

Essentials of Pathophysiology 4th Edition PDF Free Download

As the 21st century unfolds, more information is available to more people at a faster pace than ever before. This ever-evolving ability to communicate has produced phenomenal advances in the ability to understand and treat disease. Yet despite these advances, we are also reminded that illness and disease continue to occur and impact the physiologic, social, psychological, and economic well-being of individuals, their families, the community, and the world. As a nurse–physiologist, my major emphasis with this edition, as in previous editions, is to relate normal body functioning to the physiologic changes that participate in disease production and occur as a result of disease, as well as the body’s remarkable ability to compensate for these changes. The beauty of physiology is that it integrates all of the aspects of human genetics, molecular and cellular biology, and organ anatomy and physiology into a functional whole that can be used to explain both the physical and psychological aspects of altered health.
Indeed, it has been my philosophy to share the beauty of the human body and to emphasize that in disease, as in health, there is more “going right” in the body than is “going wrong.” With the creation of this text, I focused on presenting information that is fundamental to understanding the physiologic processes of altered health states; information that necessary to support an understanding pathophysiology. One of the strengths of Essentials of Pathophysiology is that it is a book to grow with. Although intended as a course textbook for students, it is also designed to serve as a reference book that students can take with them and use in their practice once the course is nished. Updated to re ect state-of-the-art science, content remains organized in a manner that is logical, understandable, and draws readers into the wonders of the human body. Concepts build on one another, with concepts from physiology, biochemistry, physics, and other sciences reviewed as deemed appropriate. A conceptual model that integrates the developmental and preventative aspects of health has been used. Selection of content was based on common health problems, including the special needs of children, pregnant women, and elderly persons. The fourth edition expands the art program, increasing the number of photographs depicting clinical manifestations of selected disorders while also providing more than 500 full-color illustrations, many created speci cally to supplement and expand the concepts presented.

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