Ultrasound Teaching Manual

Ultrasound Teaching Manual PDF

Ultrasound Teaching Manual PDF

How can you use this workbook optimally? As you work through the individual chapters, you can benefit from several methodical and didactic features: • Find normal values and checklists. These are also provided on laminated, water-resistant, pocket-sized cards. Why is this book called a “workbook”? Find it quickly .•. • Find a chapter: you will find the respective tab for each chapter on page 5. • Find tough quiz questions for in-depth study, also explained on page 5. • Find cross-referenced figures: the figures are numbered according to the page on which they appear.
For example, Fig. 36.2 is on page 36. A unique feature of this book is that you can use every page as a quiz to test your knowledge. The diagrams contain reference numbers instead of labels. This means you can go through the material a second time and use any figure to test which structures you know and which you still have to learn. The quiz questions and drawing exercises have a similar purpose. • Find an explanatory figure or diagram supplementing the text. They are highlighted in light blue in the accompanying text and are almost always on the same page, eliminating the need to page through the book looking for them. • Find numbered structures. Their reference numbers appear in bold in the accompanying text or on the back cover flap (the same number is used throughout the entire book). In this way, you can become familiar with several efficient study methods that allow you to integrate new material into your long-term memory faster – even though this requires you to take a more active approach to learning. Not only do I wish you good luck with this course, I also hope you have fun doing it! Matthias Hofer, MD, MME, October 2012

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