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Wound Healing and Skin Integrity PDF

Wound Healing and Skin Integrity PDF Free Download

Wound Healing and Skin Integrity PDF Free Download

This comprehensive text integrates related aspects of woundmanagement, skin integrity and dermatology into a convenient,one-stop resource. It explores the theories underpinning woundmanagement and skin integrity by reviewing the supporting evidenceand making practical recommendations for busy clinicians. WoundHealing and Skin Integrity discusses current and future trendsin the management of wounds and maintenance of skin integrity inrespect to international healthcare initiatives and summarises theprinciples of maintaining healthy skin to provide a practical guidethat is accessible to clinicians regardless of professionalbackground.

The title fulfils the inter-professional learning agenda andwill be of interest to a wide range of clinicians, includingdoctors; wound management, dermatology and palliative care nursespecialists; community nurses; podiatrists; pharmacists; and anyoneresponsible for managing patients with impaired skin integrity.

Key features:

  • A practical, accessible, evidence-based manual on wound careand skin integrity
  • Integrates related aspects of skin integrity, wound managementand dermatology previously found in separate texts into onecomprehensive resource
  • Written from a broad international perspective withcontributions from key international opinion leaders fromAustralia, UK, Canada and Europe
  • Promotes international practice development in relation tomanagement of skin integrity and chronic wounds
  • Full colour illustrations throughout
  • Defines key terms, relates anatomy and physiology toclinical practice and provides a summary of easilyaccessible online learning resources 
  • Includes practical tips from expert practitioners, commonlypresented clinical queries and discussion of professionalissues related to skin integrity
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  • Wound Healing and Skin Integrity PDF